im apricot.
17 it/he (never use they/them for me) black+native american agender lesbian. txti version of my neos here

Hi there scroll here. I have a lot on interest but my main ones are genshin (NOT ON GENSHINTWT), honkai, deresute, pjsekai, splatoon, witch hat atelier, mxtx, fire emblem, and banana fish. more unlisted.

BYF: this is a mainpriv and i rarely unlock, i mass delete tweets frequently, i block very liberally, rt and qrt heavy, i get into discourse alot (sorry), interact with me or i'll sb, sb to unf, the only tone indicator is /nbh (nobody here), i do not believe in poc solidarity and i do not believe black people can be racist, im playfully rude and affectionate toward close friends so please let me know if you're uncomfortable with that beforehand, i tag nsfw; under 16 do not interact with my post tagged as nsfw.

DNI: basic critera, 14- or 24+, nsfw account, radfem/terf, nonbinary lesbian exclusionist, goretwt, edtwt, psychosistwt, shtwt, genshintwt, sk8twt, hstwt, only post about kpop, aot fan, promare fan, hetalia fan, believe in poc solidarity, use and/or support the toothpaste flag and the achillean label, proshipper, fujoshi/fudanshi/fujin whatever, you tweet about how much you want to hurt children and babies, nonblack and uses aave, mcyttwt, like any mcyt, venti or diluc pfp, call child characters "loli" or "shota" even as a joke, "google plus refugee" in bio, you like ambrosia salad. all of this is 100% serious except for the ambrosia salad part.

ASK TO FOLLOW: white idv fan, white mlm/mblm, nonblack genshin player, nonblack on danmeitwt, got7 fan

just some more info: please tag incest, dereality, lesbophobia, antiblackness, child neglect, abuse, cupid shuffle, and just right by got7
i have a delusional attatchment to kirari moroboshi from deresute and sophia from persona 5 strikers so kins please dni. i also believe i'm dating lan wangji, yin yu from tgcf, and haru from persona 5 if you kin or romocc get out of my sight. fictives of my d/as and partners are free to follow if they're comfortable doing so.

i have over 200k+ people blocked so if you're here and you're blocked it probably means you fit my dni, romo cc or lovemail my partners a little too much, or i don't like you. if you want to be mutuals but you're blocked please dm me and i'll consider. however if you fit my dni or i do not like you you'll be staying blocked sorry not sorry.